Driving factors of success
Brief Introduction

According to the agreement signed with Housing Construction, and as a part of it, we are responsible to assist the eligible cities to finance from international securities market. Based on the preliminary work done by our Chairman Mr. Johannes Roux, we visit again FERMION Capital (Established by the merger of Icon Capital and Firminy Equity Fund, hereinafter referred to as FERMION). This company does its business both in Luxembourg and Geneva and is a securitization fund company. Here, we will briefly introduce a bond product which we operate previously.

1、Introduction to First Phase of Global Smart City Series

FERMION Capital created the first phase of global smart city, which is managed by FERMION Capital as a fully independent sub-fund. The goal of this sub-fund is to invest in global capital markets through any recognized currency varieties, thereby improving capital returns while satisfying our development needs. This sub-fund is listed in Clearstream Bank and other financial trading institutions. Investment strategies are made by FERMION's expert team and investment banking.

Prospectus for issuing issuance of the first phase of Global Wisdom City Series

See Annex: Global Smart City Series 1 Yancheng.pdf

Professional Team

We have professional teams to follow up the entire process.


1.FERMION-Fund managers.

2. Luxembourg Bank-responsible for banking affairs.

3. Trident Trust-as funds custodian and manager

4.CMS Luxembourg-as a lawyer team.

5. PWC Luxembourg-as audit team.

6. Clearstream Banking affiliated to German Stock Exchage-as clearing bank.

7. Deutsche Bank-as the lead bank (if not replaced by FERMION or GSC as private placement), responsible for selling bonds.

8.GSC-as sponsor of entire bond product, responsible for balancing job objectives set by all above agencies and service interworking as well as assisting the sales of bond (private placement).

Registration of medium-term notes on Clearstream Banking

After completing prospectus (private equity memo), bonds need to be registered by the Clearstream Banking of German Stock Exchange.(an international central securities depository), and its ISIN No. LU 0950724616, which can be queried on the website of Clearstream Banking.

Websites are available for querying. Specific steps are described as follows.

1.open https://codelist.clearstream.com/codelist/faces/security_disclaimer.jsp

2.Click I agree in the next page.

3. Enter LU0950724616 in ISIN, and click search.

4. Click 000095072461 on the page and then you can see all information about this bond, as follows

Securities Details
General Information
Security Name : EUR 6,00 GLOBAL SMART CITY SERIES 1 13-2023
Common Code : 000095072461
ISIN Code : LU0950724616
Nominal Currency (ISO) : EUR - EURO
Issuer Country : LUXEMBOURG
Security Physical Form : DEMATERIALIZED
Instrument Category : DEBT
Instrument Group : MEDIUM TERM NOTES
SWIFT Instr. Quantifier (Field 36B) : FAMT
Total Volume Issued : 1,500,000,000
Instrument Creation Date : 28-Jun-2013
Actual Closing Date : 19-Jul-2013
Closing Date : 19-Jul-2013
Distribution Date : 19-Jul-2013
Maturity Date : 19-Jul-2023
Back Value Flag : 3
Back Valuation Type : No Back-valuation
Process Purpose : NNAONLY
Legal Form : REGIST
CBL Settlement Status : Non-eligible for settlement
Tax Details
Subject to Withholding Tax : No
Subject to FATCA : No
Other Information
CFF Qualified : No
Market Category : INTERNATIONAL
Multiple Depository Flag : SINGLE LISTED
Bridge Eligible Flag : No
Multiple Settlement Amount : 10,000,000
ISMAG Adherence : NONE
Internal Instruction Account Flag : NORESTRICTION
External Instruction Account Flag : NOINSTRUCTINALLOWED

Private Placement of Medium-term Notes

FERMION and GSC has developed many options over the years for placement of private placement securities. For purposes of this placement it was deemed that Deutsche Bank should be approached as Lead-arranger over and above efforts by FERMION CAPITAL S.a.r.l and GSC.

Professional Team
Leading Team

We have a core team consisting of strong thought leadership, team leaders who are specialists with experience in project management, finance, ICT, environment and life-styling. We have identified outsourcing alliances in mobility, urban planning and research and development. Smart City development includes funding, technology and development. Our team’s knowledge and experience covers all three.

Dr. Warren Burns (CV provided previously), has been identified as our TEAM LEADER for the Securitisation process and interaction with our Partners.

Resumes of other members of the team have also been provided,

2.Dr. C DUTLOW – ENVIRONMENT /Renewable Energy / AGRI
3. N J LeIte – Global project management
4. Ms. Z. zhang – Global legal & Compliance
5. M. R. Lourens - LIFESTYLE & retirem


We believe that if we can cooperate with powerful asset managers, funds or other large financial institutions in China, we will have the capacity to create business structures for these above bonds / medium-term notes.

GSC TEAM – 19 / 05 / 2015