Global Smart Capital Limited is a listed company that lists in the middle market of Bermuda Stock Exchange on October, 23rd, 2013. Global Smart Cities is a wholly-owned subsidiary which is registered in Hong Kong.

Over the years, in the process of urbanization development, sovereign countries, ministries, provincial governments and municipal governments have created unlivable cities along with lack of plan, traffic jam and severe pollution. Now there is a group of innovators – developers of smart city who are leading a revolution that is jointly plan, develop, finance and manage new-type cites. GSC is one of these innovators. These innovative partnerships between public and private individuals include 6 core areas: environment, economy (urban economy), management, transportation and population. In short, all these create a better way of life for Citizens (noncitizens). To some extent, we speak for smart citizens and meet their needs for better lifestyles.

Our main business is:

1. Create profits through our Luxembourg business sector which provides debt tools for smart cities (guaranteed by smart cities);

2. Gain consulting fee through our consulting business partners (e.g. MIT Urban Science Research Institute Terraform and other agencies):

3. Earn the royalty and service charge through our combination of technology;

4. Gain the profit through participating in the selected development project of land parcel in smart cities.

Capital Structure

The general capital of Global Smart Capital Limited which lists in Bermuda is 300 million shares. And the transaction code isGSC.BH and its sponsor is Cohort Limited. It has issued 264.95 million shares. On the basis of the discounted earnings (after tax) which are calculated at 30% discount per year within five years, its share price is valued at no less than 3.00 Euros per share, thereby having the nominal market value of 795 million Euros.

Driving factors of success

1. Government relations. If you want to succeed, you must have good government relations (we have been operating in China for seven years), and at the same time, you should have professional and flexible business models (best selection);

2. Umbrella-type contract. In the field of smart cities, we are fortunate to have signed the contract that is worth 200 billion yuan ($32 billion) with China Housing Construction. Our responsibility is to gradually achieve the following objectives: establish joint ventures in all smart cities, provide financing for its development, offer over 50 technologies and global technology consulting and select the most valuable projects in certain cities (e.g. landmark buildings in Beijing, the development of Hainan Island). We have four sources of income: 1) investment income and earnings brought by smart cities which is provided by the debt instruments through the arrangement of Deutsche Bank. 2) consulting fee which is divided from consulting agencies such as MIT City Academy of Sciences (MIT) 3) royalty and service fees brought by the technology we master 4). profit from exploitation of specific plots.

3.Leading teams. We have a core team which is composed of leaders with powerful thought and team with rich experience, and the involved filed includes project management, finance, ICT, environment and lifestyle. We have outsourced alliance partners in the aspect of transportation, urban planning, research and development. The development of smart cities includes funding technology and development. Our team's knowledge and experience covers all three aspects.


Board of directors

Johan P ROUX –Chairman (Global)

Shee Fu MAK – Co-chairman (Asia)

Jacques C Pauw –President (Global)

Bruce Tsang –President (China)

Team leadership-Global

Dr. W. Burns –NEURO FINANCE / Treasury MANAGEMENT Financing / bond management

Dr. C DUTLOW – ENVIRONMENT /Renewable Energy / AGRI Environment / renewable energy / agriculture

N J LeIte – Global project management Global project management

M. R. Lourens - LIFESTYLE & retirement Lifestyle / retirement pension

Ms. Z. zhang – Global legal & Compliance Global legal Affairs

J. Grobler - ICT & Data CENTRES ICT / data center

J .G . Pauw – DIGITAL SECURITY Information security

R. Pretorius - ACCOUNTING / Finance Accounting / finance

smart cit

At the end of March 2013, GSC was very lucky to sign an investment framework work agreement which is worth RMB 200 billion (valid for 20 years) with Central City Wisdom (Beijing) City Planning Management Co. Ltd (which belongs to China Housing and Urban Construction Ministry and China Urban Science Research Association)through its wholly-owned subsidiary. It focuses on the development in China's smart cities, urban facilities construction and technological transformation, the monitor of urban facilities, the conversion from waste water to fuel, urban agriculture, high-tech trade and cooperation in other fields. The agreement also prompts that it makes possible for the use of 46 smart city technologies of China Housing Construction and globalization of application software.

In order to achieve these goals, GSC has formed a powerful professional team whose leaders are experts in this industry domain. Dr Warren Burns, who has worked for many years in the field of banking and investment bank, is the head of Department of Finance. Dr. Clive Dutlow is a scientist in environmental fields who is dedicated to providing solutions for intelligent environments and focuses on the development of urban vertical agriculture.Mr. Max Louren has a lot of experience in luxury vacations and he is responsible for the creation of smart lifestyles and clubs. Smart cities rely on highly digital technologies, and Jacques Gus Pauw, who has a professional background in this aspect, will lead a digital life in smart cities. Mr. Norman J Leite is appointed as head of Project Management. All infrastructure development operations will be carried out through a core project management team and other best professionals who are hired, while construction operations will be outsourced to large state-owned enterprises.

Through the technical cooperation with Housing Construction, GSC is able to offer ownership or licensing of highly- sophisticated technologies and provide all kinds of consultation services for managers of smart cities, which includes alternative energy sources, water, food security, digital intelligence, green travel plan and the selection of financing mode and lifestyle. Meanwhile, in the aspect of research and development of smart cities, urban design and plan, enterprise financing and leading arrangement of issuing bonds, GCS has the cooperative relationship with top institutions in the above-mentioned field through its own relational network, which includes but not only limits to MIT Science City TERRAFORM ONE PWC, Zaha Hadid Architects, JWDA Design etc.

Conventional energy sources– REDIM ENERGY AG

GSC recently has signed a framework cooperation agreement with REDIM ENERGY AG, a Swiss oil company and jointly develops 12 oil and gas blocks in Irkutsk city, Russia (The Board of Directors of GCS forecasts that the output value of these 12 oil and gas blocks will reach 1 billion Euros in 2015). GSC will be responsible for raising 500 million Euros while REDIM ENERGY AG is responsible for providing the license of these oil and gas blocks. As an appendix to the above agreement, REDIM ENERGY AG also promises to provide various channels for supplying petroleum and gas products that will bring revenues of 100 million Euros annually to partners in spite of that revenue forecast in 2015 is only 21.2 million Euros.

A professional who has rich experience in the aspect of conventional energy will soon join in GSC and take charge of the business of Department of Conventional Energy. His identity is a secret at present, but more information about him can be provided if necessary.

The reason why GCS chooses to participate in conventional energy industries is that this part of business can generate huge cash flows and provide powerful economic support for GSC renewable energy projects. Now, we are negotiating with an internationally renowned energy trading enterprise (confidentiality) which will open the channel between international suppliers and buyers of energy.

The cost of production of 12 oil and gas blocks is conservatively estimated at 1 billion Euros. We plan to raise 500 million Euros in 2015.

Below are indicators and valuations for two oil and gas blocks:
ANTONOVSKIMI Block-revaluation reserve since September 1st 2009 (based on $3 * thousands cubic meters):

Categories C3 and D1:

Natural gas -2413-3258 billion cubic meters

Condensate-Non- rating

Revaluation only aims at natural gas and parfenovskomuBok hanskij, which contains oil formations. And it refers to its nearest Fraternal and Kovyktinskoye metorozhdeniyami. (The surface of Parfenovskom has flowed gas.) Other potential gas formations are not considered temporarily.

Natural gas-723 900 000-977 400 000 dollars

According to the estimation of experts, the production cost of D1 natural gas in the Irkutsk region is averagely $2 per thousand cubic meters or 1 ton of oil or condensate. Our valuation is based on manufacturing costs of $3 / 1000 cubic meters or 1 ton oil (localized of C3 and D1 categories).

OKINSKY Block-revaluation reserve of Category D1 from Sept. 1st, 2009 (based on $3 * thousands cubic meters of natural gas or 1 ton of oil) :

Natural gas -- 109 billion m3 -- 327 000 dollars

Petroleum -- 660 000 tons petroleum -- 1 980 000 dollars

*According to the estimation of experts , the production cost of D1natural gas in the Irkutsk region is averagely $2 per thousand cubic meters or 1 ton of oil or condensate.

Renewable energy

At present, GSC is talking over with a large –scale Chinese group that focuses on the development of wind and solar energy, and it will expand its products to cooperate with different countries. The details of the contract are still under discussion. GSC will select an expert in this field as head of the Renewable Energy Department.At present, GSC is talking over with a large –scale Chinese group that focuses on the development of wind and solar energy, and it will expand its products to cooperate with different countries. The details of the contract are still under discussion. GSC will select an expert in this field as head of the Renewable Energy Department.


The content of investment agreement with Housing Construction contains that provide fund, corresponding technologies about smart city, consultation services, and selective land and real estate projects for the infrastructure construction of smart city.

Cities or their local investment firms need to obtain corresponding capital market ratings from Grand Duke International Credit or Standard & Poor's or Fitch Ratings. GSC will use various financing platforms especially its Luxembourg securitization capital platform which can issue medium-term bonds to match capital budgetsof smart cities. This bond is guaranteed by rated cities or their local investment firms.


GSC and Central City Wisdom (Beijing) Urban Planning Management Ltd. signed an agreement that applies 46 new smart technologies into the construction of smart cities. In addition, GSC itself has accumulated a lot of valuable intelligence technologies, such as conversion from waste water fuel (rich biomass), biomass energy, harmony terminal therapy (cancer / AIDS) etc. GSC will work together with its strategic partners to implement global applications of these technologies, and meanwhile, it will maintain most shares of these operating entities in a sustainable manner.

Land and real estate project development

Providing smart cities with financing will bring us the opportunities of land development and real estate projects and create all kinds of income. Places where returns are highest in traditional investment areas are generally concentrated in areas where land resources are scarce such as China. Original funds will be used to build expert teams and obtain the most appropriate land tenure rights. Based on frame agreement and the positive cooperation with cities, corresponding processes can be simplified appropriately. Once projects are determined, they can predict their profits at this stage.

Next stage is the phase of real estate development. The professional team of GCS has rich operational experience to identify and create feasible projects, obtain low-cost financing and construction bids and achieve various sales objectives or retain parts within the company as a real estate fund. This will depend on the combination of financing plan and the requirement about rate of return of partners who finance GSC.

Joint venture with GWEDE MANTASHE Foundation

Recently, GSC has signed a joint venture agreement with GWEDE MANTASHE Foundation in South Africa, and has established a joint venture company, which focuses on the project development and construction in areas such as energy, education and food security in South Africa. This is business extension of GSC beyond China and it has potentially huge profits.